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Devil Music

by Jumbo Family

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Wharf 02:00
The Secret 03:36
A F# If you ask me the secret to my happiness A F# I'll have nothing to say until you go away A I'm just chugging along F# trying to write this song D7 C And I really don't think that I know G A what I'm talking about D7 C Yes I really can't say that I know G A what I'm talking about A Faked My way through this life so far F# And i just bought myself a brand new car A F# I'm a natural sen-sation on the web A And was waiting so long F# but now I've seen the light D7 C And I really don't know how I did it G A but I got it right D7 I started thinking for myself C G A and I found wisdom overnight A F# I'm gonna have to start doing what I see on TV A F# if you don't give me some fucking anarchy A F# cause you're a fascist and I'm pissed and you're a cis- A F# gendered male and anything you say will probably certainly pale D7 C G A in comparison to what I mean cause you don't know my truth D7 C G A and the language that I use is meant to sound obtuse D7 C G A and I'm not gonna sit here and take all of your abuse D7 C G A and I want you to know that I'm a better victim than you
Queequeg 01:27
You Really 02:07
Em C Em G You really took me by the heart, my dear Em C b7/c7/b7 that one night when we were drinking tea E G i was looking at you E B7 you were looking at me G F# C/C7 we were falling in love and it was plain to see Em C Em G I almost combed my hair today Em C b7/c7/b7 I was standing in front of the mirror Em G And then I woke up Em B7 right next to you G F# C/C7 so I gave it to you right through the afternoon Em C Em G I'll give you 49% of my heart she said Em C b7/c7/b7 right before she threw me out of her bed Em G but that was someone else Em B7 and I was different too G F# C/C7 and a girl like that could never compare to you (not that I'd compare you to anyone)
VERSE 1 Em B7 Em B7 My love ran off with the acid king Em B7 A G B G started out as a fling, but now she's gone Em B7 Em B7 and she sleeps in a tent on a famous cross-street Em B7 A G B G right by the park Em INTERLUDE CHORUS 1 E B Bb B Bb A E B Bb B Bb A G E B Bb B Bb A G F# F VERSE 2 Em B7 Em B7 My generation live in a tent Em B7 A G B G my generation don't pay no rent Em B7 Em B7 the light will shine down if we all just consent Em B7 A G B G and the sky will fall if we think for ourselves A G B G Em INTERLUDE CHORUS 2 E B Bb B Bb A E If you could read between the lines B Bb B Bb A G E then you'd surely see it in my eyes B Bb B Bb A G F# F just what I mean when I say I'm fine, how are you? GUITAR SOLO OVER VERSE CHORUS 3 VERSE 3 Em B7 Em B7 I'm high and lonesome and I'd like to be Em B7 A G B G a fleshy cog up in your machine Em B7 Em B7 We never made it to the promised land Em B7 A G B G So you just stand there with your dick in your hand A G B G and your eyes on the prize A G B G E and I wonder what you'll try to do next
Amplexus 03:32
Hot Jupiter 03:39
1 there's plenty of hot jupiters out there, floating around and Pluto's lost its credentials, without a sound, they say he's too far out, you've been removed from our night without a fight but we all know you're still there 2 They say chickens are just an eggs way of making some more eggs And I'm in love with you, well I'm in love with your legs I feel good Have you heard of natural selection? Kind of like our mother's way of striving for perfection 3 You're wearing the sheepskin sunglasses again I can see You pulled the wool over your eyes intentionally you can cover your face but you know you know the truth you got two eyes that work perfectly you should put them to use 4 I'm talking to you, I'm talking to me cant you see?
The Fight 02:15
When things get hard to understand All you gotta do is be a man That’s what they say But logic tells me to just do what I can And that’s enough It only makes sense to fight the fight If you know what you’re fighting for And If you want to find some common ground You gotta step out of your front door You say you’re looking for equality Then why do you even talk to me? I’m a realist, an idealist and I’ve got no time To spend my life trying to make you see
verse 1 My mailbox is full of junk and my inbox is full of spam And all my followers are fake and my life is one big scam I like to lie, and cheat, and steal, and kill and I do it with no remorse and one of my earliest memories is getting bucked off of a horse chorus 1 and i'm just a product of my generation and I take no responsibility I've got no one to look up to and a future for me is pretty hard to see verse 2 my gonads are intact so I'm bound to react when someone pushes me around and my pheromones are a barebones way to interact without a sound I never like to listen, I'm just waiting to talk communication's not my forte I just want to send some signals, and I don't care what you say chorus 2 and I'm just a product of my generation and I take no responsibility we've got nothing to look up to and a future for me is pretty hard to see verse 3 your orgasms are spandrels and my nipples are obsolete and ever since I had my guts removed, I feel so incomplete chorus 3 and I'm not thankful for my situation and I've only ever known instant gratification and I'm just a product of this great nation
Laundry Day 04:44
1 C Dm C I want everything to be the same everywhere I go Dm G C I get depressed if it's not exactly like the TV show Am G F Am You want me to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm afraid to even leave my home Dm F C When in Rome, Hopefully we can find a Costco 2 C Dm C No matter what I say, It's going to come out the wrong way Dm G C And every single day I make the same mistake Am G F Am And as for you, what do you want to do? Dm F C The mistake that I make everyday is not running to you 3 C Dm C Sometimes I get so high I forget to smoke Dm G C / cm And I bet you're thinking that sounds funny, but it's not a joke Am G F Am No fishing, he said to me, popped out from behind a banyan tree Dm F C Started talking 'bout god and tried to steal my rod Bridge Em F If you keep going north, eventually you'll start going south Em F but that don't mean east and west should behave the same Em F we've got too much of everything but not enough love B7 C Some people are playing a different game 4 C Dm C So now I'm here and I seem to have lost my mind Dm G C There's a guy twirling his balls where the coffee comes out Am G F Am And he's just doing what I'm doing, trying not to stress about Dm F C the orange sky as it turns to black, and if I'll ever get back Dm F C
Caravan 03:08
Bayonet 02:39
Verse 1 it's the 4th day of the rest of my life and I'm out here on the street there's a fight song ringing in my head and it plays on repeat I wear my virtues on my sleeve, to function like a bayonet at the end of where my wits leave off, and I never forget chorus burn it down Verse 2 I'm hoping for a phoenix or two, to rise up after all this krud So we threw a brick through the Overton window and we let the fountains flow with blood How much diesel do we gotta burn to keep this party going on? Your words and their shadows crying for reform while your actions actually exacerbate the storm chorus burn it down


This is the debut album of the American band "Jumbo Family"


released January 29, 2021

• Barefoot Joe Jackson - Guitars
• Marvin Jackson - Bass
• Arthur Sandusky - Keys
• Hank Vaughn - Banjo & Ukulele
• Wilbur Chikamatsu - Koto
• Harriet Carlisle - Drums
• Carlito Velasquez - Percussion
• Bobby Howard - Produce & Words
*Coyote #2 on "The Fight" - Tomoko Nakazato

*All songs written by Bobby Howard
*Recorded and Mixed in Hōlualoa, HI & San Francisco, CA
*Mastered by Chezney in London, England

**2020 • Horse Producers** - an affiliate of Elbowgreece.com


all rights reserved



Jumbo Family Holualoa, Hawaii

"I'd be a starving artist if I didn't have such distinguished taste in fine food and beverage"
- Bobby Howard

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